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** GSP Litter was born 5th September 2019 **
Penidasher Valentine (Minstrel to her friends) gave birth to a litter of L&W beautiful
GSP puppies on 5th September, following a successful repeat pairing with Redmires High Society! (See litter 5 for previous litter)
All pups now with great homes reserved!
Please contact us to enquire and to go on the early reservation list for a future litter.

We are proud to be KENNEL CLUB BREEDERS of german shorthaired pointerS


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GSP Pups at 2 weeks ;o) The sound of munching in the background isn't me eating wheat crunchies btw... ;o)

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Welcome to Penidasher GSP. (Kennel Club Affix: Penidasher), we are breeders of German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP's) based near the rural surroundings of Penistone, Barnsley, located centrally in South Yorkshire, England.

As a family based breeder we occasionally offer high quality German shorthaired pointer pups to good quality GSP friendly homes.

The sire of Minstrels first two litters is Redmires High Society, Denver to his friends, he is a beautiful male Liver and White stud from the quality Redmires GSP line, thankyou to Lorna and David for their support and great knowledge and expertise!

Redmires High Society


The litter from a pairing between Minstrel (Penidasher Valentine) and Redmires High Society was born on 5th September 2019. Please contact us ASAP to avoid disappointment to reserve a puppy and discuss your home and compatibility with one of our high quality line German Shorthaired Pointer.

All sold from the 2019 litter. Please contact for any future litter.

These pups as with all our GSP litters have been kept intact (ie: with tail) they would not be born with these tails if they didn't need them! KC and crufts etc recognise this as breed standard with a tail, for example you can't show your dog a Crufts with a docked tail.

As conscientious breeders, we will only let our pups go to quality homes that are proven to be able to provide:

  • Affection, love and respect.
  • A stimulating environment.
  • Location: Open fields/countryside within walking distance, (a GSP's natural working habitat is the countryside and woodland and they will explore these locations with great energy and intelligence, they are very loyal and biddable companions. This is why we always vet our prospective homes to verify on the important factors of work/living, lifestyle & location).
  • Available humans! Do not buy a dog to be left at home all day on its own, the rat race and dog race don't go hand in hand. People have to earn money to live, but a member(s) of the household should be available for a good portion of the day.

We have been Kennel Club GSP breeders since we started breeding high quality GSP pups in 2010, and as such we comply with all health and breeding criteria of the Kennel Club

We do everything required by ethical breeding practice and the kennel club to ensure breeding quality and health checks that helps the breed to develop in the healthiest way possible, health checks are the best way to ensure you are buying the healthiest puppies available in the UK.

When you buy a GSP Puppy from Penidasher GSP, you get your new puppy, he/she comes complete with:

  • Kennel Club breeder Presentation folder
  • Information - on your new puppy
  • Advice - on life with you its new pack leader/family!
  • Food - A complimentary 3kg bag of Skinners Field & Trial Puppy food (the food we wean pups on)
  • Feeding portion - measuring cup
  • Money off voucher - £2.50 off first purchase of Skinners puppy food.
  • Insurance - Four weeks free from the Kennel Club.
  • Pedigree certificate
  • Kennel Club Registration
  • Blanket with litter scent - Small section of fleece blanket that has been shared by litter mates.
  • Contract - Pups are endorsed.
  • Chipping, as a legal requirement your puppy will be supplied already chipped with petlog.
  • The tail they were born with, we proudly keep all our puppies in tact!
Our previous litters from the matriarch of Penidasher - Rolo were greatly successful and gave Penidasher the good name and reputation we now have after 10 years of breeding high quality GSP pups.
Her 3rd litter was born on 19th December 2012 which produced 9 fit and robust pups that went to amazing homes in the extreme ends of the UK! (litter 3 link).
Her second litter consisting of 11 lovely GSP puppies of all colour variants were born on 21st October 2011 (litter 2 link), this followed on from her very successful maiden litter which arrived on 23rd August 2010, with 10 big healthy pups starting new lives in some lovely new homes! (litter 1 link).


As part of our ethos of ethical GSP breeding practice, both dam and sire have undergone relevant health tests (please see our health check section to view in more detail all health certificates)
, both hold excellent hip score test results (for signs of hip displacia).

Minstrel, (Penidasher Valentine) we are happy to say is a combined score of 10 (5/5) over both hips. (this score is lower the better, with a maximum score within the test of 106).

The stud dog for this litter, Redmires High Society is from a great traditional kennel long associated with great German Shorthaired pointers, and is the quality we look for and demand in a pairing with the Penidasher GSP line, he has a clear eye certificate and also has a combined hip score of 10 (6/4) .

Based on this we have done our utmost to anticipate that we will have a litter of healthy GSP pups that are good examples of the GSP breed, and as such in high demand from good GSP homes.


Minstrel is from very high quality German blood lines with both Arlo and Birkenwald lines in the pedigree on the dams side and great show champion pedigree on the sires side with Isara Kurzhaar predominent in this side of the pedigree. Both dam and sire are from many generations of dogs hip scored under the German and UK systems.

Gus, Minstrels sire is from a long line of Show Champions with obviously strong links to the Isara Kurzhaar show/competitions winners, with Stormridge and Inchmarlo in his lines, (click for more info on her sire) the progeny he has sired have a great potential life ahead of them, and who knows... there is no reason why they couldn't be the next generation of Show Champions in the ring!

Both sire & Dam are very handsome and very well proportioned GSP example of breed, with gorgeous heads to die for, combined with good bone.

GSP pups from German lines are highly intelligent workers, and the GSP pups from Penidasher GSP can be expected to be very intelligent, incredibly biddable in the field, quick learners with the inherent strong hunting instincts with excellent noses, and as such are best suited to very active family homes, or working homes who can nurture and utilize the breeds instincts, intelligence and immense work rate.

As a family dog for regular long runs they never stop, and as such ideally require plenty of free open field running space, GSP's should be off the lead wherever possible. Within the family home or mixing with any person, they have what I believe to be the best temperament in the dog world, after a day out running, they like nothing better than to chill with (or usually on!) their human pack!! With both Rolo and Gus having gorgeous placid and friendly demeanors in the home.
As a working dog they will excel in their traditional environment, using their excellent noses, and retrieval skills to full effect.


If you wish to express an interest in a GSP pup from Minstrels litter from a pairing with Redmires High Society, then please contact us, we will be delighted to provide you with further information and let you meet Minstrel, she is a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer with an amazing temperament like her mother and sister, which is always commented upon.

A deposit secures a GSP pup from this litter. Reservations and allocation/choice are taken in chronological order and based on the quality of home and surroundings you can give the pups.

Deposits are non-refundable if potential owners decide not have a reserved puppy, as due to the nature of the reservations system and short timescale's to find quality homes, and the fact that we do turn down lots of potential homes for the puppies once we have homes for all our pups. Serious homes/puppy buyers won't have anything to worry about!

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