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Coca Cola Championship

Barnsley 1 - Coventry City 2


Bogey team Coventry City, managed another 3 points at Oakwell, in a fairly even encounter. The Reds made the right noises for the first 12 minutes, knocking the ball around well, and looking like they might take an early lead against the side that has won the reds in the last 5 meetings scoring 17 goals against us in the process, hardly the greatest stats, to base any confidence on.

Further discipline problems showed with Iain Hume's turn to get his marching orders this week, not making things any easier for the reds, players should know that dissent will get you a card, fact of footballing life. And this time it helped compound defeat at the hands of Coventry team not superior to the reds.

Gary Teale made his debut for the reds, which had positives with a couple of mistakes thrown in, but should see better from him as he settles in the team.

Barnsley fc failed to capitalise on a frenetic and confident opening, with Coventry very much second best for the opening 12 mins. Diego Leon brought out a very good save from Westwood in goal, and Iain Humes header also being kept out by the Coventry City keeper.

Devaney contributed alot in these early exchanges, making his skill felt as he tormented Gunnarson.

On 12 minutes after that period of all Barnsley, Coventry came up the field and got the lead through what was a fluke of a goal by Eastwood, as his curling cross somehow managed to beat everyone and ended up in the back of the net.

Coventry nearly made it two on 16 mins. with Wards header looping in and hitting the base of the post.

Hume got in another chance on 30 mins, after good combined play from Macken and Teale.

Howard tried to get the reds back into it, with a couple of efforts, with Devaney also having a couple of efforts. Howards second had Westwood scrambling to cover, but the low effort just went wide.

On 43 minutes the reds had a blatant hand ball claim turned down, as everyone in the ground apart from seemingly the officials saw Clinton Morrison palm away Hassell's free kick, but the following minute the reds were back level with Howard getting on the cross from Teale and powering it into the net from inside the area.

After the break Coventry stormed forward, Eastwoods shot only being kept out by a wonderful save from Steele.

Leon and Souza went close on 49 minutes, Souza getting a header on Howards cross. Howard was given a good clear chance at the edge of the area on 55 mins. after good combined play from Devaney, Leon and Macken, but he couldn't keep his shot down.

Poor defending was punished by Coventry on 68 minutes, a long ball from Westwood in goal, came to an offside Eastwood, who's pass put in Gray who put it past Steele from 16 yards.

A rough looking tackle from Hume on Mifsud took the player and ball, and earned the reds striker his second yellow, with red to follow, leaving Barnsley with even more to do to get anything out of the game.

Barnsleys best chance at an equaliser came in stoppage time, Maceo Rigters shot coming through to Leon, but didn't get enough power on his close range effort to get past Westwood.

All in all another day, where luck and decent officials might have seen the reds open their points tally for the season. If we try to finish the game with 11 men against Birmingham City, then we just might get a sneaky result at St. Andrews, here's hoping!

Howard 44

Eastwood 12
Gray 68


HT: 1-1